Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Philosophy of Sex - 6th Edition
Chapter 1: Introduction: Alan Soble, The Analytic Categories of the Philosophy of Sex
Part I: Analysis and Perversion
Chapter 2: Greta Christina, Are We Having Sex Now or What?
Chapter 3: Thomas Nagel, Sexual Perversion
Chapter 4: Janice Moulton, Sexual Behavior: Another Position
Chapter 5: Alan Goldman, Plain Sex
Chapter 6: Alan Soble, On Jacking Off, Yet Again
Chapter 7: Seiriol Morgan, Sex in the Head
Chapter 8: John Portmann, Chatting is Not Cheating
Part II: Queer Issues
Chapter 9: Stanley Kurtz, Beyond Gay Marriage: The Road to Polyamory
Chapter 10: Cheshire Calhoun, In Defense of Same-Sex Marriage
Chapter 11: Claudia Card, Gay Divorce: Thoughts on the Legal Regulation of Marriage
Chapter 12: William S. Wilkerson, What Is "Sexual Orientation"?
Chapter 13: Kayley Vernallis, Bisexual Marriage
Chapter 14: Talia Mae Bettcher, Trans Women and the Meaning of “Woman”
Chapter 15: Christine Overall, Trans Persons, Cisgender Persons, and Gender Identities
Part III: Objectification and Consent – The Theory
Chapter 16: Thomas A. Mappes, Sexual Morality and the Concept of Using Another Person
Chapter 17: Howard Klepper, Sexual Exploitation and the Value of Persons
Chapter 18: Alan Soble, Sexual Use
Chapter 19: Ann J. Cahill, Why "Derivatization" Is Better Than "Objectification"
Chapter 20: Alan Wertheimer, Consent and Sexual Relations
Chapter 21: Robin West, The Harms of Consensual Sex
Chapter 22: David Benatar, Two Views of Sexual Ethics: Promiscuity, Pedophilia, and Rape
Part IV: Objectification and Consent – Applied Topics
Chapter 23: Martha C. Nussbaum, “Whether from Reason or Prejudice": Taking Money for Bodily Services
Chapter 24: Raja Halwani, On Fucking Around
Chapter 25: Lois Pineau, Date Rape: A Feminist Analysis
Chapter 26: H. E. Baber, How Bad Is Rape?—II
Chapter 27: Susan J. Brison, Surviving Sexual Violence
Chapter 28: Joan Mason-Grant, Pornography as Embodied Practice
Chapter 29: Nicholas Power, Cheap Thrills: A Call for More Pornography
A Bibliography of the Philosophy of Sex
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