Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For Friday, please read the introduction to Rethinking Masculinity (attached, a link below and passed out in class) and develop some preferences for which articles you'd like to read from this book:

*Rethinking Masculinity: Philosophical Explorations in Light of
   Feminism*  Larry
Contributor), Robert
   D. Hopkins<>(Editor)
(Rowman and Littlefield, 1996)[thepassedurl]

  Amazon link:

 Table of Contents:
 *Sex Differences*
 ·         *Sex and Social Roles*
Patrick Grim
 ·         *Behavior, Biology and the Brain*
Robert Stuffelbeam
 *Aggression and Violence*
 ·         *The Enduring Appeals of Battle*
J. Glenn Gray
 ·         *Masculinity and Violence*
Victor Seidler
 *Intimacy and Sexual Identity*
 ·         *Male Friendship and Intimacy*
Robert Strikwerda and Larry May
 ·         *Gender Treachery*
Patrick Hopkins
 *Romance and Marriage*
 ·         *Real Men*
Hugh LaFollette
 ·         *Do Black Men Have a Moral Duty to Marry Black Women?*
Charles Mills
 *Paternity and Responsibility*
 ·         *Bioethics and Fatherhood*
Daniel Callahan
 ·         *The Facts of Fatherhood*
Thomas Laqueur
 *Fatherhood and Manhood*
 ·         *Fatherhood and Nurturance*
Larry May and Robert Strikwerda
 ·         *About Losing It: The Fear of Impotence*
Richard Schmitt
 *Pornography and Sexuality*
 ·         *Pornography and the Alienation of Male Sexuality*
Harry Brod
 ·         *Erogenous Zones and Ambiguity: Sexuality and the Bodies of
Women and Men*
Laurence Thomas
 *Oppression and Empowerment*
 ·         *Honor, Emasculation, and Empowerment*
Leonard Harris
 ·         *Are Men Oppressed?*
Kenneth Clatterbaugh

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