Friday, February 24, 2012

Philosophy of Sex and Gender
Midterm Paper Assignment: 3-5 pages, typed
Due Friday, March 2, in class

Your assignment is to review the main readings of this course thusfar:
-          The encyclopedia article on Philosophy of Sex
-          The Corvino article on homosexuality
-          The article on the Bible and homosexuality
-          The articles from Traps
-          The Debating Sex and Gender book
-          Anything else that’s come up along the way!

Your assignment is to then:
-          Find a topic from a reading or readings;
-          Find some interesting and/or controversial claim or claims made concerning this topic;

Then, write an argumentative essay on this topic concerning these claims: are they true or are they false? Your paper should review arguments that are given, or could be given, to think that they are true, as well as arguments that are given, or could be given, to think that they are false. Your essay should assess these claims, in terms of their truth or falsity and the evidence that is and can be given for either position.

Your paper should have an introduction; it should have a thesis, i.e., a main claim you are trying to support, and be well organized. Each paragraph should focus on one topic. Your paper should have a conclusion that summarizes what you’ve done in the paper.

You are encouraged to read this article on how to write a philosophy paper, since it presents the standards your paper will be judged by:

Any questions? Please contact Professor Nobis!

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