Monday, January 30, 2012

Notes; rest of the week

For Wednesday, please read the rest of the Philosophy of Sexuality encyclopedia article. Bring it and be prepared to discuss it.

Notes from today, Monday:
·      Whether a action / feeling /desire is “natural” or “unnatural”?
o  Whether a sexual action / feeling /desire is “natural” or “unnatural”?
§  Does it “flow from human sexual nature”?
·      “human nature”? (hence Michael Jackson)
·      Whether a action / feeling /desire is “perverted” or not?
·      Connections (or lack of connections) between what’s
o  1. natural/unnatural &
o  2. morally wrong/morally permissible/good/bad and
o  3. Perverted/ not perverted
·      Fetishes: natural/unnatural? Perverted/not? Wrong? Permissible?
·      Aquinas and Nagel on all of this  
o  A: Focuses on similarities with us and animals: reproduction: biology – sex is “natural” and MP when and only when reproduction will likely result, or could (“potential”) result?
o  Nagel: focuses on differences from animals. “Eros” not mere sex..  See Nagel article “Sexual Perversion” and commentary and discussion:
§  “Natural” = interactive / responsive / noticing the other’s arousal and responding with arousal.. sensitivity
o  Female sexual pleasure
Today this article, “Patterns of Resistance” was mentioned:

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